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NV Networks - Privacy Notice

We know well that if we betray your trust, we lose any chance of having you as a client. Nothing is more important to us. For this reason, we are given strict rules to guarantee 100%: We do not sell or share with external parties the personal information of our customers. In no case, at no price. We protect personal information with the best technologies. The most important databases are physically isolated from the outside. We use personal information only to execute orders and to offer the best possible service. Not for anything else. Below are all the details of our privacy policies. If you need more information, please contact us. 

NV Elektronika d.o.o. is committed to the protection of personal data collected by the data subjects (hereinafter "User") offline, through e.g. paper forms, contracts, statements (hereinafter "Forms") or online, through the website (hereinafter "Website") and through, for example, but not limited to, applications (web) of NV Elektronika d.o.o., digital software and tools (hereafter "Applications").

In accordance with the European Data Protection Standard (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR), for the purpose of:

  • guarantee the transparency in the nature of the Personal Data that NV Elektronika d.o.o. collects offline through Forms or online through the Website and / or through the Applications;
  • ensure transparency in the use of personal data collected;
  • to facilitate interested parties in the exercise of their rights;

therefore, NV Elektronika d.o.o. defines the present Data Protection Policy.

The protection of your personal data is important for NV Elektronika d.o.o.. The company aims to process the personal data of the user in a legitimate, appropriate and transparent manner.

Please read this Data Protection Policy and its main key terms, shown below in uppercase.

In this regard, if you have questions or comments, contact NV Elektronika d.o.o. directly.


NV Elektronika d.o.o., as established in the European Union, is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR) and to any future legislation, in application of the aforementioned Regulation, which come into force in the member state in which they are established.

Personal Data submitted by the user offline through the Forms or online through the Website and / or the Applications are used for the purposes described below by NV Elektronika d.o.o., with registered office in Slovenia, in Ferrarska Ulica 12, 6000 Koper (VAT ID SI31929974), as Data Controller

In the future it is possible that NV Elektronika d.o.o. jointly establishes, on the basis of a written agreement, the purposes and means of the processing of personal data as data controllers (for example, but not exhaustively, in all cases in which the subsidiary is particularly involved in the processing of personal data at a local level for the development of a project).

In the aforesaid cases, the data subjects whose personal data must be processed by the Data Controllers of the processing will be informed accordingly.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. can also act as Data Processor for any online or offline processing of Personal Data.


NV Elektronika d.o.o., to the extent necessary, collects, processes, records, stores and transfers the Personal Data of the Interested parties provided offline through Forms or online through the Website and / or Applications, by way of example but not exhaustively, in the following cases: the Website, using Applications, filling out Forms of offline registration or online; reporting cases of non-compliance; contacting NV Elektronika d.o.o.; presenting job applications; by clicking on the social media buttons; providing feedback (eg on Forms, Products, Applications, Website, Customer Support); responding to surveys and other activities.

Personal Data is collected on an optional basis or on a mandatory basis. If it is mandatory to provide Personal Data, these will be flagged accordingly. In the event that an Interested party fails or refuses to provide the Personal Data that NV Elektronika d.o.o. has marked as mandatory, the company will not be consequently able to carry out the process or activity requested by that Interested Party.

An example of personal data marked as mandatory is the situation in which an interested party wishes to submit registration forms. In this case, NV Elektronika d.o.o. requires some personal data in order to process the related registration request. If the interested party wishes to register but does not provide personal data marked as mandatory, NV Elektronika d.o.o. will not be able to accept and process the registration request.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. may collect Personal Data on the basis of consent or without the consent of the interested party if: 1) it is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation; 2) a contract must be executed or executed in which the interested party is one of the parties; 3) there are legitimate interests, public interests or vital interests to be protected that will prevail over the rights of the interested party involved; 4) an authority has asked NV Elektronika d.o.o. to process personal data.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. may further process your personal data only:

  • if the purpose of further processing is compatible with the purposes of the initial collection of the user's personal data;
  • if the user gives his consent to the further processing of data for a purpose that is new and not compatible with the purposes of the initial collection of personal data.

In the subparagraphs 2.1 and 2.2, the Personal Data collected by NV Elektronika d.o.o. and the purposes of the collection are reported.


The user may be asked to provide NV Elektronika d.o.o., according to the purpose of each processing and to the extent necessary, different types of Personal Data including, but not limited to, name, surname, title, address, telephone, mobile phone , e-mail address, language, country, nationality, personal URL of social media, preferences, interests, feedback.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. also uses the personal data provided by the user to third parties, for example to service providers, or personal data in the public domain such as personal data commonly recognized, personal data visible on their website or blog or posted on the profile of publicly accessible social media.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. may also receive Personal Data through third parties following mergers, acquisitions and any other processing operation.

2.1.1 Purpose of the collection of Personal Data. 
After being collected, the Personal Data mentioned above are used for a number of purposes, which are listed below:

Business administration and customer management.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. must be able to execute contracts properly and correctly, and perform all necessary accounting and legal processes. As a result, NV Elektronika d.o.o. will need some Personal Data provided by the Interested parties offline through Forms or online through the Website and the Applications. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 679/2016, for the purposes of the execution of contracts, the consent of the interested party, which is or will be a part of a contract, is not required.

With reference to the management of relations with customers and the provision of customer services, NV Elektronika d.o.o. uses personal data (eg name, country, nationality, e-mail address, customer number) in order to:

  • evaluate whether it was feasible to sell products or provide services to a customer before signing a contract;
  • process written customer requests, customer orders for products and services and cashback requests;
  • identify and contact customers for a discount;
  • inform customers about their rights and additional services related to the product or service purchased;
  • inform customers about events and promotional campaigns and send their invitations;
  • manage access to the premises, the Website and the Applications of NV Elektronika d.o.o.;
  • organize and perform assistance interventions for customers and installers;
  • inform customers and contacts in general of important information for the information security of networks.

Distribution of products.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. uses personal data for the distribution of products and in particular for:

  • optimize sales and services by developing offers for customers;
  • improve and accelerate the distribution of NV Elektronika d.o.o. products and services;
  • examine the technical data of the installations and the status of contracts and projects;
  • organize and provide training to customers, installers, employees and subcontractors.

Supplier management.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. uses Personal Data to keep records of suppliers and service providers, to record and manage purchase orders, business expenses and invoices provided by suppliers and service providers.

Direct marketing.

As a leading manufacturer and provider of network security solutions, NV Elektronika d.o.o. is able to provide information tailored to the user and his needs (for example, using transaction data, NV Elektronika d.o.o. is able to inform the user about the services, offers and suggestions related to the purchase.This is the so-called "direct marketing").

NV Elektronika d.o.o. uses personal data collected, personal data that are publicly available (eg information available on the Internet, through search results, social media results) or personal data received from third parties (eg Internet services) for direct marketing purposes and to attract new customers.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. carries out direct marketing also for the purpose of organizing internal events, trips, presentations, meetings for employees, customers and business partners.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. conducts direct marketing through a variety of media including, but not limited to, text messaging on mobile, surveys, e-mail, the Website, online advertising, database marketing, applications and events.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. carries out direct marketing based on its legitimate interest in pursuing commercial objectives.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. can carry out direct marketing. If you do not wish to receive a highly personalized offer, you can at any time deny your consent to receive direct marketing when asked.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. undertakes to ensure that the direct marketing information is provided in a clear and appropriate manner and that using the channel designated by the recipient in order to minimize the inconvenience of being disturbed.

Improvement of the quality of products and services.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. uses personal data collected through forms, job applications, surveys, surveys, comments, feedback sent to NV Elektronika d.o.o. to improve its products and services, carry out further surveys, develop analytical models, risk, marketing and other models and to produce statistics. NV Elektronika d.o.o. also uses user transaction data to develop global models and perform analyzes.

Example: NV Elektronika d.o.o. may need to process the number of people who have purchased a specific product or have requested a specific service.

For this purpose, NV Elektronika d.o.o. undertakes as much as possible to aggregate Personal Data anonymously or Pseudo Anonymous, in order to ensure that these Personal Data are not easily identifiable or no longer identifiable as User Data.

The practice of processing personal data for statistical purposes is particularly justified by the desire of NV Elektronika d.o.o. to implement strategic choices for better performance on the market and to provide the user with better products and services.

Personal Data can also be used to evaluate, simplify and improve the processes of NV Elektronika d.o.o., for example to optimize campaigns, procedures and sales, both offline and online, through the Website and / or Applications.

Example: if the user has not completed a procedure or the sales process, NV Elektronika d.o.o. can contact him to find out what the problem was and if it is possible to provide help to the user. In this case, NV Elektronika d.o.o. limits its contact to provide technical and administrative support for that specific procedure or that specific process.

Recruitment and selection.

For the purpose of recruiting "talents", NV Elektronika d.o.o. collects personal data such as, for example, name, e-mail, telephone number, information on the curriculum, URL to the social media profile from open candidates and targeted candidates who present question, for example, for job vacancies, traineeships, internships for students.

Personal Data provided by candidates (by filling out Forms or registering and creating a personal account on the Website or at the time of access to Applications) will be used to process applications, to contact candidates for activities related to management human resources, manage recruitment processes (eg by inviting candidates to interviews and to carry out written tests) and draw up employment contracts.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. undertakes to delete personal data from candidates who have not been hired at the end of the selection process, when there is no legitimate reason to keep them.

Personnel management and pay benefits.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. uses personal data for the purpose of managing personnel and, in particular, for:

  • manage and track work contracts and payroll;
  • pay salaries;
  • keep track of attendance, travel and employee training activities;
  • communicate with health insurance companies;
  • provide employees with insurance, company assets and benefits related to benefits.

Record keeping and accounting.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. uses personal data for the purpose of keeping records and accounting and for the purpose of:

  • keep track of transactions
  • issue invoices related to sales and services provided;
  • fill out tax returns and related forms to fulfill tax obligations;
  • compile statistics on the basis of transaction data (for example concerning the number of transactions carried out and in which area);
  • comply with current legislation and regulatory requirements at both national, European and international levels.

Complaints and legal disputes.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. may use Personal Data as evidence and to ascertain, exercise and safeguard its rights or rights of those that the company represents (eg in disputes) before any jurisdiction of any country (for example, among others, the right of NV Elektronika d.o.o. to defend itself from acts of unfair competition or the right of NV Elektronika d.o.o. to solicit the performance of an unpaid invoice).

Prevention of frauds and crimes.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. may also use Personal Data to prevent, detect and investigate computer crimes and risks for legitimate interest or when a public authority requires it.

Business activity and office management.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. transmits and / or jointly uses the Personal Data collected with its Business Partners only when necessary and with a view to drawing up periodic reports on the results and aspects related to the activity, business plans and business strategies.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. provides for the processing of personal data of European citizens who have been legally collected, unless there is a legal impediment (eg a confidentiality obligation or a provision in data protection laws).

NV Elektronika d.o.o. undertakes to implement all appropriate measures for the protection of personal data with reference to intra-group communications in line with Regulation (EU) 679/2016.



2.2.1 Purpose of collecting Personal Data. 

When the user visits the Website and / or the Applications, NV Elektronika d.o.o. collects some of his Personal Data for the following purposes:

Facilitation of the use of the Website and / or Applications.

By collecting some Personal Data (eg IP address, login data), NV Elektronika d.o.o. is able to adapt more the Website and / or Applications according to user needs.

We uses a "cookie" without deadline to recognize customers when they enter the site and then be able to immediately propose a personalized experience. The "cookie" we can be delete following the normal procedure provided in the most recent browsers. However, we do not recommend cancellation, because it reduces our ability to serve you better. In addition to the "cookie" described above, we may in some cases use other temporary "cookies" to better manage the user's session (eg during the payment process). Disabling "cookies" in the browser, some features may be compromised, including the technical ability to accept customer orders.

Through the use of cookies, NV Elektronika d.o.o. will automatically collect some Personal Data, such as, but not limited to, specific information about the devices (eg IP address, browser type), access information (for example, search questions ), information on geo-location (eg through the Wi-Fi access point) in order to facilitate the use of the Website and / or Applications and increase the convenience during use.

Example: in order to support and simplify the process of identification of the user, NV Elektronika d.o.o. stores the username and password through a cookie; in this way it is not necessary for the user to insert identification credentials or other personal data at each visit.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. uses different types of cookies: necessary, functional, social plug-in tracers, third party advertising, proprietary analysis. For more information on cookies, what they are, what types are used and why, read the "Cookie Policy" (reference to this website).

Monitoring of interests and preferences of the interested parties.

NV Elektronika d.o.o., within its Website and / or Applications, on the basis of consent or legitimate interest, can systematically and regularly monitor personal data through automated decision-making technologies and cookies. This is done for the purpose of assessing certain personal aspects of a natural person, in particular for analyzing and predicting aspects of the person's work performance, his / her economic situation, personal preferences, interests, reliability, behavior , location or movement (geo-location).

For more information, read the company's "Cookie Policy".


For the aforementioned purposes, NV Elektronika d.o.o. may need services, advice and / or assistance from third parties, including but not limited to the maintenance of applications and bug fixing, the purchase of applications, data hosting , advice on compliance with laws and regulations, application development, services related to human resources, supply services, Internet provider services, production of statistics and more.

In this regard, to the extent necessary, NV Elektronika d.o.o. may transmit or disclose Personal Data collected to any natural person or legal entity, subcontractors and business partners who are third parties with respect to NV Elektronika d.o.o.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. neither sells nor acquires your personal data from third parties for your personal use.

Whenever NV Elektronika d.o.o. has to transmit or disclose some Personal Data collected to third parties, except in the case of legitimate interest of the third party, NV Elektronika d.o.o. will make sure to have an agreement for the processing of data with this third party under the provisions of Regulation (EU) 679/2016, asking the third party to comply with the principles and provisions of the same Regulation and to comply with the appropriate safety standards.

4. Transfer of PERSONAL data to third countries (NON UE) 

As part of the purposes described above, NV Elektronika d.o.o. transmits and uses together the Personal Data collected, belonging to the Interested parties present in the European Union, or other companies and / or Business Partners established in any non-EU country.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. has established appropriate standard contractual clauses and appropriate guarantees regarding any transfer of Personal Data between the Subsidiaries. In any case of transfer of Personal Data to a non-EU country, NV Elektronika d.o.o. undertakes to:

  • ensure an adequate level of protection by setting appropriate guarantees and complying with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 679/2016;
  • manage the transfer of personal data on the basis of:

a) decisions on the adequacy of the European Union; or 
b) standard contractual clauses / binding corporate rules; or 
c) code of conduct approved by the relevant control authority / official safety certifications.

  • manage the transfer of personal data on the basis of the consent of the interested party whose personal data must be transferred, or on the basis of derogations pursuant to Article 49 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 if the transfer can not be performed on the basis of the aforementioned cases a), b), c).

5. Retention of data and related criteria 

NV Elektronika d.o.o. does not keep your personal data forever. NV Elektronika d.o.o. uses personal data to the extent necessary and only for the purpose of pursuing the purposes described above. After the purpose has been achieved, NV Elektronika d.o.o. undertakes to delete Personal Data, unless their storage is required by law, at national, European or international level.

The starting point for storing Personal Data is the legal retention period (which is often ten years and lasts until the end of a contract or the end of the business relationship). The period may be longer if necessary for the exercise of the rights of NV Elektronika d.o.o..

If no retention period is established by law, the retention period may be shorter, in accordance with, but not limited to, one of the following criteria: duration of the contract and legal obligations; commercial and organizational needs; long-term commercial relationship; pursuit of direct marketing, statistics.

Some ideas become clearer only when they are considered over a longer period of time. For this reason, for some types of Personal Data a longer time horizon may be needed (eg for those needed to design risk and marketing models).

As has been stated, NV Elektronika d.o.o. undertakes as much as possible to work with aggregated Personal Data, anonymized or Pseudo anonymized and in all cases will terminate links with individuals as quickly as possible.


If you have any questions about the protection of your personal data or exercise your rights, you can contact NV Elektronika d.o.o. at any time by writing to NV Elektronika d.o.o., calling NV Elektronika d.o.o., sending a specific Form by mail or submitting the Form available online under each section "contact NV Elektronika d.o.o." through the Website and / or Applications.

After the Personal Data has been processed, the user has various rights as an Interested Party, which can be exercised as indicated below.

The user must be as specific as possible whenever he wishes to exercise his rights. NV Elektronika d.o.o. can respond adequately only to the requests expressed in sufficient detail. NV Elektronika d.o.o. will have to verify the identity of the user in as much detail as possible, to avoid that someone else tries to exercise his rights. Therefore, the user will be asked to provide a valid identification document when the request is submitted.

The user can access his personal data.

If the user wishes to access the Personal Data that NV Elektronika d.o.o. deals with or wants to know more about:

  • the purposes of the processing;
  • the categories of personal data in question;
  • the categories of recipients to whom the Personal Data have been or will be communicated;
  • the expected retention period of the data or the criteria used to establish this period;
  • the rights of the interested party;
  • the rights that the interested party may exercise with respect to the processing by NV Elektronika d.o.o.;
  • the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling, and the expected consequences;

NV Elektronika d.o.o. will use the Personal Data provided by the user through the form for the sole purpose of checking and processing the request.

If the user exercises the right to access, NV Elektronika d.o.o. will provide a list as complete as possible or a copy of the Personal Data.

The user can supplement / correct / delete / limit the processing of his personal data.

It may happen that some Personal Data held by NV Elektronika d.o.o. are not (or have ceased to be) correct. It may also happen that the user wants to add something to his Personal Data provided to NV Elektronika d.o.o.. The user can request the correction or integration of his personal data at any time by sending an email to:

If the user wishes NV Elektronika d.o.o. to cancel his or her Personal Data, the request will be processed, unless there is an impediment or incompatibility under the law or by virtue of legitimate interests with regard to elimination. If the user wishes to request the cancellation of personal data, it is necessary to send an email to:

The user can obtain the limitation on the processing of his personal data at any time by sending an email to:

The user can request the portability of his personal data for himself or for third parties.

If the Personal Data was collected through electronic means, the user may request the portability of the Personal Data provided for himself or for third parties, by sending an email to:

The user can withdraw consent to the processing of their personal data.

Each time the user provides NV Elektronika d.o.o. with his consent for the processing of personal data, he may subsequently withdraw this consent at any time by following the suggested procedure and with the same ease with which he provided it.

If the user wishes to withdraw his consent, he can do so at any time by sending an email to:

The user can oppose the processing of data or processing through automated decision-making systems.

If the user does not agree with the manner in which NV Elektronika d.o.o. manages its own legitimate interests to process certain personal data, it may object by sending an email to: 
NV Elektronika d.o.o. will have to process the objections unless there are legitimate reasons for not doing so or reasons provided by law (for example, an objection will be refused if the processing of personal data was conducted to combat fraud).

If the user does not agree with the processing through an automated individual decision making process for direct marketing carried out by NV Elektronika d.o.o., he can oppose at any time by sending an email to:

If the user does not agree with the way in which NV Elektronika d.o.o. handles the processing of personal data or if he has other questions about it, he can always contact the Data Protection Authority of his country of residence (for example if he resides in Italy, the user can contact the Data Protection Authority involved:, the Commission for the protection of privacy, Rue de la Presse, 35, 1000 Brussels).

7. Responsible for data protection 

Below are the contacts of the Data Protection Manager of NV Elektronika d.o.o.:

e-mail address:; 
by mail: (to the attention of) Data Protection Manager of NV Elektronika d.o.o., Via Ferdinando d'Aragona, 87 - 81028 Santa Maria a Vico (CE) - Italy 


Through its Website or Applications NV Elektronika d.o.o. does not process Personal Data of individuals under the age of 16, nor offers them commercial offers or tries to contact them, unless their legal representative has given consent.


NV Elektronika d.o.o. has implemented appropriate security measures to maintain integrity and security, as well as to prevent destruction, loss, accidental or illegal alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or access to personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed, in line with Regulation (EU) 679/2016.


NV Elektronika d.o.o. regularly seeks to improve its efforts to protect personal data. This Data Protection Policy may be amended or updated in the light of future laws, at international, European and national levels.

NV Elektronika d.o.o. will inform you of any substantial changes to this Data Protection Policy offline or through online media (for example, via the Website, during the first visit or every update of this Data Protection Policy).

The user can always find the latest version of the Data Protection Policy of NV Elektronika d.o.o. on the website or for each Application by clicking on the "Data Protection Policy" section.

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