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NV Networks Return Merchandise Authorization, RMA

How to Request a RMA

- NV Elektronika does not accept items without an RMA number. Please contact our tech support first at RMA numbers will not be issued until tech support has advices to do so.
- Download, fill in all its parts and send the RMA form by fax (+33 1741 80 536) or email (
- One RMA number can only be issued for one invoice. If you have different items from different invoices, then you need to request a different RMA number for each return.


Request Validity

- Your RMA number will last 30 days after its issue date before expiring.
- After 30 days your RMA number will expire and you will request it again.


Product Shipping

- After obtaining an RMA number from us, you must send the product -  at your expenses - to the address stated on the RMA form. Please note that all packing materials, manuals, diskettes, CDs, digital media and other accessories and/or documentation must be included in the original packaging, as provided by the manufacturer, for your return to be processed. Moreover, customers must include a printed copy of the RMA form (filled in all its parts, one copy for each RMA product) inside the box.
- RMA number must be prominently displayed on the outside of your package as well as on the waybill.
- All items must be shipped in their original packaging, and they must be packed adequately in order to prevent shipping damage
- All customer returns will be refused and sent back at the customers expense if:

  • you are attempting to return product that was not purchased from NV Elektronika.
  • the product is abused and is physically damaged.
  • the product is missing its original packing and accessories including but not limited to the manuals, cables, and the original retail packaging.
  • the original retail packing is defaced.
  • the serial number on the product is unreadable, invalid, damaged, or altered.
  • the return violates the NV Elektronika return policy.
  • the RMA number is expired and no longer valid. (RMA numbers expire after 30 days)
  • the package appears to be damaged by the carrier.
  • you are attempting to return product without a valid RMA number.

- NV Elektronika will not repair or replace a module that is shipped in such a way that the product is not properly protected.
- Items returned under a valid RMA number will be diagnosed by NV Elektronika technicians and then sent back to customer. The customer is responsible for the return shipping; if a returning product is under guarantee NV Elektronika will send it back to its owner and pay the delivery fees.


RMA Terms and Conditions

- Upon receipt, products will be reset to factory default and tested to determine if the product is defective. Where possible the unit will be repaired and returned to the customer and NV Elektronika will pay shipping cost (only if products are covered by guarantee).
- NV Elektronika will not pay any fee for parcels stocked in the courier warehouse. Any cost due to undeliverable or unclaimed parcels and/or unavailable addressee are at customer’s expenses.
- NV Elektronika will repair an item with a guarantee expired, as well as an item with a damage not covered by guarantee, only if the owner accepts its repair estimate.
- If NV Elektronika specialists determine that a returning good covered by guarantee is fully functional (a product is marked as fully functional when it has no problem or damage and our technicians can only run a firmware installation and/or update) it will be shipped back and a 30€ fee (VAT excluded) flat rate covering laboratory costs will be charged to its owner. In this case, shipping and cash on delivery fees are at customer’s expenses.
- Items repaired by NV Elektronika which are not covered by guarantee must be paid only through bank transfer paid in advance (only if the total amount of the repair reaches 1.000,00€), or through a standard payment method (only if the total exceeds 1.000,00€).


RMA Disclaimer

Guarantee is void:

- If an item has been dismantled and/or its guarantee seals have been broken or altered; if an item has been painted or its original appearance has been altered or modified.
- If an item is damaged due to improper working environment or operation (for example, improper temperature, humidity, unusual physical or electrical stress or interference, failure or fluctuation of electrical power, static electricity, using wrong power adapter, etc.).
- If a third-party firmware has been installed on a device.
- If a MAC Address label has been removed from a device.


Download RMA Form

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